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Milked Dry - Aussie Helpers

Aussie Farmers Are Being Milked Dry


JMC Trucks - No Bull

JMC Trucks, Noble. No Bull.


EJ Technical Catalogue

The Ultimate Glove-box & Dashboard Accessories


It has always been the catalogue that anyone in construction and infrastructure industry has reached for, the EJ Access & Grates Catalogue. The next generation all products catalogue is on the streets bigger and better than ever. It features new full-page photos of products insitu across the globe, including Sydney Opera House forecourt and Circular Quay.


No One Needs Help Like The Helpers

Guess Who's Coming Dinner?


Imagine you’re a family living in outback Australia. Drought has taken siege of your life. Your breeding stock is staggering into the abyss of oblivion. You have had no earnings for four years. You are on your knees financially. You are literally living on borrowed time. How do you cope?


Thankfully, there’s an amazing group of people called Aussie Helpers who truck stock food, human food, medicines, counselling and love to these desperate families. The charity depends to a large degree on donations from corporates, business and individuals. They are truly grateful for the support they get and the donations do go to those who need the help.


True Creative has developed a Community Service Announcement in the form of a 30 second video commercial to play across all media channels, broadcast and online.


See it. Act on it. The Forgotten People’s lives are dying out there.


Agency Creatives: Allan Hartley and Carissa Jackson

Production House: Traffic

Post Production House: The Chop Shop

Directors: Mike Mier and Lav Bodnaruk

Producer: Jill McMahon

Thanks for a superb production, guys!


Shine Lawyers QLD Got Your Back TV Campaign

Got Your Back Queensland


Queensland is the State where Shine Lawyers was born. This latest TV commercial in 30 second and 15 second versions, borrows interest from a strong Queenslander trait: Queenslanders look after Queenslanders; your mate has always got your back. The State of Origin attests to this concept.

Shine Lawyers Australia-Wide TV Campaign

Stay Safe Australia


The Shine Lawyers Stay Safe campaign encourages everyone to avoid unsafe situations and assures those who do happen to fall victim to accidents, that Shine Lawyers will take care of their claims, if there is entitlement. The campaign was aired in the Eastern States.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Red Boot Hoot Cracks $350,000 in One Night


In one superb event at Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds pavilion, nearly 1000 people enjoyed a night of wining, dining, bidding and dancing for the benefit of Ronald McDonald House in Brisbane. This most successful night in the history of fund raising for Ronald McDonald House, was planned and orchestrated by the RMH team in conjunction with Moonlighting Events and graphic design and art direction input from True Creative. It was a booming success! 


K.M.Smith Extended TV campaign

Celebrate a Life


K.M.Smith is Brisbane’s most eminent family owned Funeral firm. It’s been around since 1883 when Kate Mary Smith became the first lady funeral director. True Creative was commissioned to create a series of 15 sec TV commercials promoting the broad array of services offered by KM Smith in the South East Queensland market. The campaign touches on aspects such as hearse fleet, lady funeral arrangers, nearby branch service, and general services, and builds on the brand campaign “Celebrate a Life”.

Castaway couple launch new Suzuki!

S-Cape in your S-Cross


Create the ‘big reveal’ in a different way was the requirement for the launch of the new Suzuki S-Cross crossover SUV. The “Ta-da!” moment happens when castaway couple Ben and Natalie spring open a massive crate washed up with them on a deserted island.


The television campaign, launched with a 15 sec teaser, was followed by a 30 sec version that highlights the car’s performance and techno inclusions.


“S-Cape in your S-Cross” is the campaign’s caption and was devised as a way of locking this exciting new brand into the escape machine category.


The campaign also featured integrated components online, in the press and at point of sale. The online pre-launch promotion sparked excitement amongst thousands of entrants. The prize was a sneak preview day for 7 winners at the Mt Cotton Driver Training Centre.


TV Commercial Credits:

Writers: Allan Hartley, Carissa Jackson

Creative Director: Allan Hartley

Agency Art Director: Carissa Jackson

Production Company: Taxi Films Brisbane

Executive Producer: Andrew Wareham

Producer: Mark Bishop

Director: Julian Hartley

DOP: Richard Wang

Cam Asst: Will Edmunds

Sound Recordist: Justin Harrison

Gaffer/Grip: Mick Smith

Production Asst: Brea Stanbridge

Art Department/Props: Mikey Squire

Cast: Ben Jackson, Natalie Miller, Luke Rapihana


Post Production: Alt-VFX

Editor: Ant Newton

Special thanks to the teams at Taxi and at Alt-VFX for going above and beyond!


Thank you to all cast and crew.


Stand Tall

1.5 Million Australians Live with Post Traumatic Stress


The incredible fact is, this 1.5 million affects the lives of seven others, like family and friends. We have established a registered charity called PTS Foundation Ltd with the aim of creating awareness of PTS, helping the general community to recognise its symptoms and encourage those who may have PTS to seek help from specialists. Our campaign is entitled Stand Tall for PTS. Please visit

Suzuki’s Big Attraction

$500 Cash Back Drives Enquiry


It’s the end of the financial year and while other manufacturers are all screaming EOFYS, we’re selling Suzuki Alto and Swift with $500 Cash Back offers till the end of June. The campaign swung into action on June 1 and ends June 30, featuring across an integrated mix of media channels including TV and online.

Suzuki Marine Road Test

The Battle of the 4-Strokes


Everyone at Suzuki Marine has always maintained that their 4-strokes were “world’s best”. Then along came the new Suzuki S Series DF70 which promised to outrun and out-perform the so-called Number One seller in the category. To prove their point, they organized a head-to-head performance test. The Suzuki outgunned its competitor, so we had really did have something to crow about. We got the word out there in magazines and on point of sale posters.

Suzuki Marine Spares

Suzuki outboards spare parts reality check


The issue was that a large proportion of Suzuki outboard owners were having their motors serviced by non-authorised outlets and using cheap, generic parts. We developed a campaign encouraging owners to “Keep it Real”. Dealer kits containing press, radio and online ad templates were developed and sold in at the annual dealer conference.

Suzuki Love Drive

Once You Drive Suzuki, You Want to Own It


The dealers told us about this phenomenon where people would test drive a Suzuki and not want to hand back the keys. So we made a TV series for 5 models, each featuring Dave, our star “sales exec”, who is very understanding about customers becoming possessive.

EJ Aussie Launch

Aussie Family Company Joins Global Family Company


This is not a heads-up, it’s a heads down because EJ makes manhole covers and an extensive range of water drainage systems for major civic infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects throughout Asia Pacific. Look for the EJ brand on the streets and pavements of your city. Our job was to introduce the new EJ brand reminding a loyal customer base that EJ is still local and just as friendly and attentive, but now can supply a wider range of globally sourced product. Our video says it all.

Decisive Swift TV Assault

Suzuki 'Make a Swift Decision' TVC


Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular economical cars in Australia. But it is also one of those that satisfies a wide array of aspirations in a fairly broad target market. Swift is available in four models. Each has its own reason for being, from the lower priced GA up to the very sexy Swift Sport. In an assault on the economy car category, we have developed a range TVC which addresses the aspirations of each segment of this specific market. The commercial helps the viewer make an easy Swift Decision by pointing out the benefits of each model. 


The TVC was directed by Jeff Hogan and post produced by Cutting Edge. 


Dash to the line with ComsCentre


The NBN launch in Kiama provided the perfect scenario to demonstrate the quality of ComsCentre’s products and services. The launch ceremony itself was delivered live from the Kiama Council Library via NBN and ComsCentre’s hi-def video conferencing service, into a Kiama constituent’s home where a group of local families had gathered. Following the official launch ceremony, a local author read stories to children both in the Council Library and simultaneously at the Kiama residence.


Production therefore required us to organise two film crews to record at both locations simultaneously. We produced one video demonstrating the flexibility and use of ComsCentre’s hi-def video conferencing services. The second video reports a conversation between ComsCentre’s Managing Director, Ben Shipley and TV Presenter, Jillian Whiting, exploring ComsCentre’s innovative products and services.


We worked hand-in-hand with ComsCentre’s Group Marketing Manager, Blair Burchill on both videos and also a 24 page full information Corporate brochure.


Suzuki 'The Block' Promotion

Racing around The Block with Suzuki


This year’s season of The Block was the perfect vehicle for a major promotion of discounted Driveaway priced Suzuki. One of Suzuki’s brand ambassadors, debutante Olympics swimmer Emily Seebohm, was recruited as a presenter for this TV, press and point of sale campaign through metropolitan Brisbane and regional dealers Statewide.

The campaign has been enthusiastically embraced by all dealers and there’s great optimism about achieving solid sales.

You Name It - Labels! TVC

You Name It - Labels!


The brief was pretty simple: boost awareness of the You Name It - Labels! brand and provide a point of sale for potential customers, that being the website.


The idea: have kids invent spontaneous stories about how they lost clothing or school items, film them and wrap up the commercial with the You Name It - Labels! solution.


The simple, memorable promise in the commercial is: Lost is found. 


The production was a truly collaborative effort with children cast from associated families and friends. The end result is an effective TVC that represents excellent value.